Miles Priestley talks about 9 Colours of Roasting Coffee

This is our first video showing Miles Priestley talking about his coffee roasting — the background noise is the trusty roasting machine which brings us extraordinary flavours at the hands of the Maestro – Miles.



Miles Priestley of shows us the evolution of roasting coffee beans, and what they look like.

Miles says, “These are the coffee beans through their roasting process, these ones here are the green beans right out of the sack as they arrive. The different colours show the various stages throughout the roasting processes. The very light ones are virtually undrinkable because the flavour and characteristics haven’t come out. When we get up to this end of the roast where they can be quite tasty. Towards the end roast here that one – this is our darker roast, medium dark, where the oil is just starting to show on the surface.”

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