Today’s question: what is a macchiato?

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Miles shares with us that making a macchiato coffee involves creating a single or double shot of espresso, then taking a teaspoon full of “stretched” milk and gently placing it on top of the espresso.

The placing or swiping of the teaspoon is called “staining” — and it’s no surprise that this is Miles’ favourite coffee.


Today Miles Priestley explains what a macchiato is

Teena Hughes asks Miles Priestley, “Miles – I have another question for you. I would like to know what a macchiato is please?”

Miles: A machiato is a beautiful drink, and one of my personal favourites.

Machiato acutally means “stained” in Italian so the staining comes from the espresso shot. So it’s a normal shot or a double shot of espresso, in a small cup preferably, and it’s actually just a teaspoon of stretched milk placed across the top of the espresso shot. That’s the “staining” – staining the top of the espresso shot, hence the word “machiato”.

It just takes a little bit of the edge of the bitterness off the coffee – one of my favourites for sure!

Teena: Oh that sounds yummy too! Thank you!


Have you ever wondered, “What is a macchiato?”

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