This is the question Teena asked Miles in today’s video.

— Transcript —

Teena >>  Miles, I was wondering — where do you get your coffee beans from?

Miles >>  I buy all my green beans from an importer in Melbourne (Australia). They do all the sourcing for us, so they do all the work regarding … their buyers will go to origin, so they actually go to the countries where our beans come from, and they will actually do the “cupping” which is finding out the attributes of the crops while they’re there.

They will create a stock list from that and that stock list will get sent out to us when we get quotes in, or request a quote. Then we get to chat to the guys that’ve actually been to origin, so they can tell us a bit more about the beans themselves. So it just takes a lot of hard work out of basic sourcing the beans — so they’ve already done the cupping and the sourcing [phone rings], and they put people in their strengths, they’re good at it. So we buy through that one importer;  as I get low on beans, I just start ringing through and ask for a quote for the origins that I need.

Basically they’re great — they’ll ship them up from Melbourne (Australia) and depending on availability, will be here within a week.

Teena >> Fantastic! Thank you!

Miles >> Pleasure.

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From Miles, Tash and the Besito Coffee Team

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