“How long does it take to roast your coffee?” is a question Miles Priestley has been asked a few times.

In today’s video, Miles tells us how he does his roasting using his particular coffee roasting machine:



In today’s video Teena ask Miles Priestley, “How long does it take to roast your coffee?”

Miles says: That’s a great question, every roaster is different, within reason. Our time range is around 15 to 18 minutes for our beans to come to roast.

We roast on a drum style roaster, which is more a traditional, older way of roasting, and so it’s a little bit longer than the fluid-bed roasting which is a lot quicker, and so with that timeframe we find it allows the characteristics of the bean to (sort of) be nurtured out. So when the sugars inside the beans start to caramelise, that’s part of the oiling that sometimes you’ll see on the surface of the bean.

We roast our beans classed as medium-dark, which is where you just see little tiny droplets of oil on the surface of the bean, which is the sugars caramelising and coming to the surface. So we try and achieve that in around about the 15 to 18 minute mark.

Teena:  Terrific, thank you!

Miles: You’re welcome.

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From Miles, Tash and the Besito Coffee Team